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About Neezy

Neezy Pty Ltd is a small privately owned company started when two guys who love riding decided to get a couple of the newest and best bikes on the market - the Santa Cruz Tazmon. Well, no one imported these bikes to Australia, so we thought let's get a few for ourselves and the rest is history. Those two guys still ride (when time permits) and still do everything that is Neezy.

We (Greg & Hamo) love to chat MTB with anyone who will listen and we are always happy to help with information regarding our products.

Because we know how important it is to keep riding, we carry excessive amounts of spare parts to keep you on the trail.

We are the ONLY factory approved and factory trained 5th Element Service Centre in the southern hemisphere. If you want the most up-to-date and informed technician working on your shock then send it to us.

That's enough about us, now go and ride!

1996 - Hamo on his Tazmon

1996 - Hamo on his Tazmon

1997 - Greg on his first Heckler
1998 - BIG AIR! - Greg on his first Heckler



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